Coming Soon! The Return of the All-Around Poker Player

No Limit Texas Hold'em - or - "The Cadillac of Poker" as poker legend Doyle Brunson calls it, is running strong on all eight and is probably near top speed right now. Will the Hold'em racer ever slow down and will the other old standby poker games ever survive the current trend to extinction? . . . In my humble opinion . . . yes it will and yes they will and here's why.

Sooner or later, our dedicated group of TV poker game viewers will get a little bored with watching famous and near-famous Hold'em players river out to win a huge pile of cash. The always fickle TV fans will then move to viewing pretty ladies wrestle for big money prizes in a giant tub of mud and alligators, or other shows just as dumb. This will send the no-limit Hold'em shows to TV's back burners and the Hold'em craze will be just about over.

It sounds sad but don't worry. The overall effect of the no-limit Hold'em frenzy will be great for the game of poker. Millions of poker fans will have been created that would not have otherwise existed. It's probably more accurate to describe these folks as no-limit Texas Hold'em fans than as "poker" fans because of the focus on that particular poker game, but that will change.

It won't be long until large groups of our newly acquired players will begin to tire of the increasingly tough competition and the frequent coin-toss aspects of both no-limit and fixed limit Texas Hold'em and discover that there's a bunch of other good poker games out there. Here are a few that are readily available to play online and also in certain poker rooms around the country:

A good "all-around" poker player knows how to play all these games well.

For those eager to succeed as poker players and not already skilled all-around players, a good time to start working toward that goal is right now. Try going online and taking the various games one at a time to study and learn to win. As you become proficient at each game, add it into the group of games that you play regularly. You will find that the new games offer all sorts of interesting new challenges such as training yourself to remember which cards are no longer live, strategic approaches to split pot games, hand betting strategies, traps to avoid, etc.

I think that most of the suggested games are harder to learn to play well than Hold'em. But bear in mind that the more difficult a particular poker game is to learn, the more profitable it is to the expert player who has mastered it.

The "Great Swami" here predicts that we will soon see a renewed interest in the non-Hold'em poker games. . . . And, be it online, in poker rooms, or in Friday night home games everywhere, there will be a larger than ever number of multi-game experts and all-around players who will be more than happy to give lessons.

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