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Texas Holdem Poker

Starting Hands - Strong: Two High cards paired, suited, or including an ace.
Medium: Medium Pairs || Ace-Medium, and Medium Suited Connectors.
Low/Conditional: Low Pairs || Ace-Low Suited || Low Suited Connectors.

> Fast play big pairs before the flop to reduce the field.
> Play only strong hands from early positions.
> Don't play both ends of a medium or low straight (like 4-8).
> Play the "ignorant" (low) end of a straight cautiously.
> Beware of uniform flops (like 678) and three cards suited.


Throw-away dealt hands: Always Fold > Quads || Trip Threes thru Trip Kings || If Your Lowest Card is 4 thru 9
Starting Hands--All: Trip Aces and a 2 or 3 || Pair of Aces and Two Low Cards || A-2 and Anything || A-3 and Two Low Cards
Suited: Trip Aces and a 4 or 5 Suited || Trip Deuces and Ace Suited || Pair of Aces and Two High Cards Suited || 2-3 and Two Low Cards Suited || Ace Suited to Anything
Double Suited: Two High Pair Double Suited || Four Unpaired Low Cds(DS)

> Almost always play to win both ends of the pot.
> "No lows" average about 35% of the time.
> Don't overbet nut low hands and get "quartered".

Razz Poker

Strongest Starting Hands: Any Six or better
Medium Strength: Any Seven or Eight/Six
Medium to Low Strength: Eight or Nine/Six> High Card Down

> Don't play a starting hand with "paints, pairs, or tens".
> Aces are low. Straights and Flushes don't count against you.
> Watch the board for cards that match yours (good) and for cards that you need (bad).
> Get out early if you do not start out doing extra well against two or more strong looking hands.

Seven Card Stud

Starting Hands: Any Trips || High Pair || Low Pair w/High Kicker || Concealed Low Pair || High Overcards - that beat the board || High Three Card Flush || High Three Card Straight || Any Three to a Straight Flush

> Fast play starting high pairs to reduce the field.
> Slow play starting trips until 5th street, then bet.
> Slow play starting straight or flush draws to keep players in and the pot odds higher.
> Beware of the opponents paired "door" card (starting up-card). It often means trips.

7 Card Hi Lo Qualify Eight

Starting Hands: (Note: Low = Ace thru 8) Trips || Three Low w/ an Ace || Three Low to a Straight, a Flush, or a Straight Flush || Low Pair w/an Ace or w/ Two to a Low Straight || Pair Aces w/a Face Kicker or a Low Kicker || Pair of Nines or Tens w/an Ace || Three Card High Straight Flush || Two Cards Low and One High to a Flush

> Always play to win the whole pot and only go for a low profit "escape" when you get trapped into it.
> Beware of the opponents paired "door" card (starting up-card). It often means trips
> Get out early when you think you do not have the best chance at a both way win.
> Be aware of early as well as late reasons to fold.

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