Omaha Hi Lo Qualify Poker - No Qualifying Low Hand Frequencies

Since in Omaha High Low Poker and in other split pot games, we try to win the whole pot instead of just half, these "no low" stats can be important. In roughly a third or so of the hands dealt there will be no qualifying eight or better low hand possible so, the highest hand wins all the pot. This is about that.

With every player being dealt four cards instead of two or three like in other poker games, they all have a lot more knowledge about the unseen deck starting out. For example, if your starting hand has four high cards, you are holding 20% of all the high cards in the deck. High cards are crucial to these results. The No-Low charts shown here take these variances into consideration with three different type starting hands.

Chances of NO Qualifying LOW out of 1,712,304 total possible combinations of 5 cards

4 High Cards
Your Hand: 4 High Cards (Typical Shown)
519,824 combinations are No-Low hands
30.4% No Low
2.3 to 1 against No Low
2 High - 2 Low
Your Hand: 2 High-2 Low (Typical Shown)
640,478 combinations are No-Low hands
37.4% No Low
1.7 to 1 against No Low
4 Low Cards
Your Hand: 4 Low Cards (Typical Shown)
762,580 combinations are No-Low hands
44.5% No Low
1.2 to 1 against No Low

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