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Poker rooms don't care if you, as one of the players, win or lose. They all make their money from the "table rake" that is a small percentage of each pot accumulated in the games and paid out to the winner(s). A "Rakeback" is simply a refund of part of the rake. Rakeback programs are player incentives that pay back participating players a percentage (usually 20 to 40%) of their part of all the rake revenue contributed.

Tournament pots are not raked so the poker rooms normally charge a modest add-on to the tournament entry fees. The cumulative entry fees themselves are used to pay the tournament winners while the add-ons go to the house. Part of the add-ons are used to compensate the program players for the tournaments that they play. For example: in a $4.50 entry fee, sit-and-go tournament, the house pays the winners all the $4.00 collected and gets all the $.50 add-ons.

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Table Rake Charges to the Players

Both regular and online poker rooms generally consider 5% of the pot to be a fair and reasonable rake. As a way to be player friendly, just about all the real and online poker rooms don't rake the unusually small pots like those that don't get much action past the first bet. Also they put a cap on the rake of pots that exceed the average of the type and wagering levels of the particular games being played. The very low limit games might be capped at $1.00 while the $100.00 and so limit games are usually capped out at $4.00 or $5.00.

Poker players generally do not resent these charges. Without a fair profit for the poker rooms there would be no poker rooms like we have in the casinos and on the net.

What Advantages to Expect From Rakebacks

Poker rooms have different pay periods for rakebacks. They vary from daily to weekly and monthly. Their rakeback percentage payments are usually between 20% to 30%. Estimating how much return you can expect is very difficult at best but assuming that you play about ten hours a week on a 25% rakeback. Then assuming that most of your play is in the $1 - $2 range, the rakeback in this example would probably be about $12.00 a week. Now on the other hand, if you put in ten hours of $50 - $100 high end play, you can probably look for about $50.00 a week rakeback return. These estimates are based on a 25% rakeback. Naturally a higher percentage rakeback program will yield higher returns.

The advantages of rakebacks to the players are strong. Nearly immediate cash added to player accounts has become a very popular player incentive (maybe the most). However, when evaluating poker rooms it is important to consider all these things:

> How much 24/7 table action is there in the games and wagering levels you enjoy?

> What are the rakeback percentages and opening bet bonuses?

> Are VIP and frequent-player incentives offered and how do they work?

> Also consider the other incentives like freeroll tournaments, open tournaments with fancy car prizes, satellite tournaments where you can win entries into big time tournaments like the WSOP and the like, and other goodies that the poker rooms always seem to come up with.

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