Seven Card Stud Hi Lo Qualify Poker - Low Hand Frequencies

A big part of this and all high/low split games involves development of the various low hands, both in our own hands and in those of our opponents. Since the winning strategy in Seven High/Low Qualify involves shooting for "swoopers" (hands that win the whole pot without splitting), most good players usually start with low hands that have a good chance to make a low straight or a low flush.

Now if players happen to start with a good high hand like trips or a high pair, they usually try to run the low draws off with fast play. It's easy to understand how low hands are a major factor in almost every round so here we can take a look at how they stack up against each other. Naturally there are more 8 lows than 5 or 6 lows, but you might be surprised to see just how often 8 lows are made, compared to all the others.

Please note that for the sake of simplicity, the combination calculations shown here use the thirteen standard deck denominations only. The four suits in each of the denominations are left out of the results.

Various Low Hands Pie Chart

EIGHT LOW - Next Level Comparisons

87xxx . . . 20 of the 35 eight low combinations . . . 57% of eight lows . . . 36% of all lows
86xxx . . . 10 of the 35 eight low combinations . . . 29% of eight lows . . . 18% of all lows
85xxx . . . . 4 of the 35 eight low combinations . . . 11% of eight lows . . . . 7% of all lows
84xxx . . . . 1 of the 35 eight low combinations . . . . 3% of eight lows . . . . 2% of all lows

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