Seven Card Stud Hi Lo Qualify - 5th Street, Both Way Improvement Odds

In this game, most playable starting hands have both high and low potential. We of course, look for hands that will "scoop" the pot or at least escape with a split pot win. Here are some common fifth street hands that still have a shot at winning both high and low.

All cards that are exposed by the other players up to fifth street are assumed to be of normal distribution and unseen. The percentages and odds presented are close approximations based on that assumption.

Note: The term "Random" Low is used here to describe non-straight lows and low groups with no straight possibilities.

Both High and Low Side Improvement Odds
Drawing Two Cards to Selected 5th Street Hands
5th Street HandExampleImprove ToApprox.
Four Card 8 Low3h 4h 5h 6h JdLow Straight Flush7.6%12 to 1
  Low Straight20.5%4 to 1
  Random Low and a Flush9.7%9 to 1
  Any of These Hands38%1.6 to 1
Four Card Low Inside Str.& 4 to a Flush3c 4d 6c 7c QcLow Straight10.3%9 to 1
  Random Low and a Flush14.7%6 to 1
  Any of These Hands25%3 to 1
Three Card Low Straight & 4 to a Flush4h 5s 6h 9h JhLow Straight2.5%39 to 1
  Random Low and a Flush4.5%21 to 1
  Any of These Hands7%13 to 1
Three Card Low Straight & 3 to a Flush4s 5s 6h 9s JdLow Straight4.2%23 to 1
  Random Low and a Flush.65%153 to 1
  Any of These Hands4.8%20 to 1
Four Card Random Low and a Low PairAh 2d 6s 7c 7sRandom Low and Trips3%32 to 1
  Random Low & Two Pair15.5%5.5 to 1
  Any of These Hands18.5%4.5 to 1