Seven Card Stud Poker - 3 Card Starting Hand Frequencies

There are nine different types of recommended starting hands in Seven Card Stud that are usually, but not always playable in some way or another. Here you will see that these hands total about 23% of the 22,100 possible three card hand combinations in a full deck. From this you can expect to be dealt a starting hand about every four deals or so.

Note: A lot of attention is paid to the high cards in Seven Stud, so all the non-highs, including middle strength denominations, are simply referred to as "lows".

The cards below are example hands and the numbers represent the percent and combinations of 22,100 possible three card hands.

Trip Kings
.1% / 20 Combinations
Trip 7s
LOW TRIPS - 9 thru 2
.15% / 32 Combinations
Pair Aces with a Nine
HIGH PAIR - split or concealed
7% / 1440 Combinations
Pair Fives with a Jack
LOW PAIR / High Kicker - split or concealed
4% / 960 Combinations
Pair Sixes with a Four
Concealed LOW PAIR - no high kicker
2% / 444 Combinations
Ace Seven Queen
HIGH OVERCARDS - two or three that beat the board
5% / 1150 (est.) Combinations
Nine Ace Ten of Hearts
HIGH 3 CARD FLUSH - with at least two high cards
2% / 440 Combinations
Nine Ten Jack
HIGH 3 CARD STRAIGHT - with at least two high cards
1% / 240 Combinations
Three Five Seven of Spades
2% / 400 Combinations

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