After Flop Draws - Straight, Flush, and Full House

Hold'em after Flop Odds for Common Draw Hands

About everyone knows the term "ballpark" as used with estimates etc. For those that don't, it's just a colorful substitute for the term "approximate" which sounds like an excuse for a lack of accuracy.

The purpose for this page is to present an easy to remember guide that can be used at the tables. The ballpark chances shown are rounded whole numbers used to make the "odds against". This approach assumes that a "ballpark" 7 to 1 against is easier to remember than 6.73* to 1 or 12.94% percent to make.

* Note: Normal rounding example = 6.50 is rounded up to 7 and 6.49 is rounded down to 6.

Holdem After Flop Odds for Various Hands

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