How to Play The Poker Game of H.O.R.S.E.

Even though Horse is sort of a bucolic name for a poker game, it just ain’t a game for country bumpkins. It takes extra good all-around poker players to be consistent winners. All-around because Horse is a
multi-game contest with five different poker games played in equal segments or sessions. Many agree that Horse easily separates the real poker experts from all the one-trick Hold’em players.

The best all-around poker player in the world is considered by the great Doyle Brunson and other top poker pros to have been the late “Chip” Reese. . . Along with quite a few world championships in seven card stud and other different poker games, in the 2006 World Series of Poker, Reese won the inaugural H.O.R.S.E. event. . . As a tribute to Chip, the winners now receive a trophy named the “David ‘Chip’ Reese Award”.

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The Five Poker Games Used In Horse
Holde’m Texas Hold’em
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Omaha Omaha High Low Split / 8
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Razz Seven Card Low (Razz)
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Stud Seven Card Stud
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Eight Seven Card High Low Split – Qualify Eight
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Limit Horse – 2 to 8 Players, Rules
Generally, the rules of each of the individual games apply. Beyond that, Horse has it’s own rules that regulate the rotation order and the frequency of the games. Although tournaments might have special rules, most limit games are played like this.

The sequence order of the games is the same as they appear in the acronym HORSE. . . In other words, the rotation begins with “H” for Holdem then through all the varients to “E” for Seven Hi/Lo Qualify Eight. . Each game is played just once, following the sequence and the dealer button around the table thru the five games. When the sequence is completed, it is then repeated from that point on the table.

Strategy Tip For Horse
There’s not much to say about a mixed-game contest like this. However, here’s a suggestion or two..

Just before you enter into a Horse contest, connect to each of the game pages in the above chart and review the short passages named “General Strategy” and “Starting Hands”. . . . ( OR )

You might appreciate a single page little time saver that I built for you titled HORSE Games Recaps. These are short condensations that highlight a lot of the how-to-win stuff that you will find easy to use and I hope helpful.

Good Luck,
Bullet Bob

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